What We Do

We will take care of your people

The succession process that we undertake together must secure a future for your people and for the business that you created. Beyond continuity, we want to provide your team with future opportunities for development, advancement, and growth.

We will take care of you

By being open, honest, and direct with each other, we will arrive at a transaction that we will both feel good about. We can relieve some of the unnecessary burdens of ownership and shape a role that you enjoy and where you can make a meaningful contribution.

We put our money where our mouth is

We aren’t just managing other people’s money. We will all make meaningful personal investments in each business, and we will continue to make whatever investments are necessary to move the businesses forward. Our partners will tell you that we won’t hesitate to invest in the right people and equipment for the long-term.

We only profit when the company and its employees profit

All of our compensation is tied to business performance. The first priority is making sure the company has the capital it needs for growth. We think like long-term owners, and we know that puts us at the end of the line on payday.

We value your continued leadership during the transition

We believe that as the company’s long-time leader, you are critical throughout the transition process for experience, security, and continuity. We will help create a plan that ensures that the business is secure, whether you prefer a quick or gradual transitioning, or if you would prefer an indefinite timeline.