As business owners and employers, we feel a responsibility to build organizations with lasting value.


The heart of any business is its people. The most enduring competitive advantage is a team that is engaged, focused, and driven toward a common goal.


We respect entrepreneurial leaders who have created tremendous value. We understand that it is difficult to delegate or disengage. We want to make sure you’re comfortable when it is time to build around you, redefine your role, and create a thoughtful transition to the next stage.


We do not have a fixed investment horizon or any external time restrictions. We do not demand a fixed timeline for an owner’s departure. Building for the long-term requires patience, collaboration, and flexibility.


We do what we say. We want to build open and honest partnerships with you and your people.


We want to be contributing members of the team, and that includes getting our hands dirty and developing personal relationships. We don’t, however, want to elbow our way into situations where we aren’t the best resource.


We believe in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. We do not want to stifle that as we grow the business. To the contrary, we want to harness it and spread it throughout an organization.


To remain relevant in an ever-changing world, we think that a business, and every one of its employees, needs to ruthlessly focused on the needs of their customers.