How We Do It

Ask lots of questions

We won’t have all the answers, but we know how to find them. We bring a flexible but disciplined approach to analyzing an organization and its people. This includes surveys, interviews, and lots of shared meals with people inside and outside the organization. This brings a broader perspective and sets the background for strategy and organizational development.

Enhanced organizational efficiency

We provide administrative and accounting support to free up owners and key managers to focus on more important, long-term opportunities. These extra resources can be directed toward new product development, calls into new markets, or other neglected projects that were frustratingly pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.

Balance and reinforce the team

Once a strategy is confirmed and properly communicated, we look for areas where we need to develop the team or add resources. The goal is the right balance of sales and marketing for growth, accounting and IT for risk management, and specialization and depth in operations for continued excellence and efficiency. This involves programs to develop employees and initiatives to identify and attract appropriate outside talent.

clear communication

Focus on customer perspective

As they evolve, many organizations become too focused on themselves, what they do well, and what they’ve always done. We bring the same analytical approach to determining what customers want and what market demands we are best equipped to meet.

Clear communication

Communication is the lifeblood of any organization. We make sure that information technology and systems are sufficient for sound decision making. We help build interpersonal processes to establish clear expectations and to provide regular feedback to ensure that every member of the team is consistently marching in the same direction.

Tireless execution

We believe that execution is far more important than brilliant strategy in small businesses. We bring the focus and resources necessary to make sure that plans remain clear and well-communicated, that distractions and excuses are minimized, and that goals are met.