External Resources

Experts to tackle specific business issues

Our resources include an outside marketing firm as well as partners in the disciplines of IT, HR and other areas of business development.



Strategic brand marketing initiatives for business growth.


Centrifuge offers a progressive approach to brand marketing with a collaborative process to build internal value definition and external value recognition. Centrifuge then creates highly strategic integrated brand communications to support business growth plans. Centrifuge specializes in strategic marketing for progressive industrial manufacturers.
For a business to achieve its greater potential, it must focus its energies on organizational development, growing sales and increasing market share. A company with a solid brand identity and internal alignment with the value it brings to market, will stand out from the competition.
Separate your brand from the competition. Learn more at www.centrifuge-now.com


Expert HR management and administration for small and mid-sized businesses.


NovationHR brings a twenty-year track record of expert Human Resource management and administration for small and mid-sized businesses. NovationHR integrates seamlessly into your business and your people. Through a holistic approach to serving your business, NovationHR will provide the foundation and processes you need to move forward.
Together with NovationHR, the goal is to align your employees – and motivate them – to execute your business plan. NovationHR will drive efficiency into your business, solve problems and help to prevent future issues.
Build a healthy growing business. Learn more at www.novationhr.com

Kerr Consulting

Technology-driven business automation specialists.


Kerr Consulting offers a wide range of technology solutions designed to handle every aspect of your business. Kerr Consulting offers an in-depth analysis to help you determine what you need today and help you plan for the future. Kerr Consulting partners with the best software manufacturers in the industry to provide accounting software solutions, customer relationship management software (CRM), time-and-attendance software and hardware, and point-of-sale systems. For information technology services, from ongoing technology support to occasional assistance, Kerr has an IT service plan to fit your needs.
Provide your business world-class IT support. Learn more at www.kerr-consulting.com