Successful transition planning is more than a numbers game

We are focused on finding the right personal, professional, and philosophical fit with our investment partners. We are just as comfortable in stable businesses that need guidance through transition as we are in those that need additional daily management and intensive support.

Business-building experience across a range of industries

Our unique expertise is in managing succession strategies and building businesses that can endure for the long-term. We have found that the same core principles and practices apply regardless of whether a business provides a service or manufactures a product, competes in a mature or growing industry, and has a complete team or obvious deficiencies.

Our direct experience:

  • Manufacturing, remanufacturing, and related services
  • Property and facility services
  • Information technology
  • Financial services
  • Food & beverage
  • Transportation, logistics, and distribution

Our only objective guidelines are:

  • Minimum three-year history of profitability
  • Revenue over $5 million per year
  • EBITDA over $1 million per year